Store Policy

1. OPTIME SPORTS COMPANY INC does not refund money after the finished product.

2. Any deposit delivered to Optime Sports Company Inc is not refundable at all. Order canceled after 24 hours of being generated, carries a charge of 10% of the deposit made. After 38 hours of doing the same, no refund is made, without distinction of person.

3. 50% is required when placing the order for deposit and 50% balance, on or before the merchandise is collected.

4. The sizes worked by the company are generic, therefore, no return will be accepted, nor are we responsible for incorrect sizes provided by the customer. If you require samples of sizes and have them available, you can borrow them. 

5. Any change in relation to the order must be in or before 24 hours. Changes to the order will not be accepted after 24 hours of receipt.

6. All RUSH work will have an additional 20% charge of the total order.

7. Changes will not be accepted after the art is approved.

8. Any order that will be sent by mail will have an additional charge which will be indicated when the order is ready. Your traffic number will be given after receiving the shipping money.

9. If the work is performed according to the specifications approved by the client, no claims or returns will be accepted. The customer will have 48 hours to make a claim for damage to the item.

10. All material that contains copyright must have the relevant authorizations to be able to work them. The graphic artist, Optime Sports Company Inc. and related employees will be relieved of all responsibility.

11. All art produced by Optime Sports Company Inc. may not be used for other works without the explicit authorization of the president of Optime Sports Company Inc..

12. Due to color differences in monitors / printers, product colors are for reference only. When you visit us please request our color palette. We are not responsible for spelling errors, errors in color, material or articles after authorization. Customer's desire for a printed test before production will incur an additional cost.

13. The cost per graphic design depends on its complexity. Its cost starts from $ 25.00 and up. Customer's bring their own graphic design must be in the correct specifications for their production. If you do not have the correct specifications, Optime Sports Company Inc, is not responsible for the product.

14. Any concept of finished graphic design authorized by the client will not have credit or money back. If the client wishes another concept of graphic design will have an additional cost, according to the specifications of the client.

15. All graphic design has a maximum of three (3) changes to edit, based on the specifications of the concept that the client has initially authorized. After the third change will entail an additional cost. 16. All graphic design can take approximately 5 working days. The production time can take 12 to 15 working days, depending on the complexity of the work to be done and, the production time begins after the graphic design approved by the customer.

17. All checks will be issued in the name of Optime Sports.

18. It is up to the customer to verify that his order is complete and correct at the time of delivery, we are not responsible, if after leaving our establishment, he realizes that the order is incomplete.

19. The customer has five (5) working days to pick up his merchandise, once he has been notified that it is finished and / or after the date he requested the order. We reserve the right to charge a 2% daily storage charge of the total order. After 30 days, Optime Sports Company Inc., is not responsible for any damage to the merchandise. In no case will the deposit be returned.

20. Orders with lists of names and their specifications must be delivered by computer and if possible editable (for more efficiency), otherwise, with the lists written by hand we are not responsible for spelling errors or with any of the specifications where writing is not legible with 100% clarity.

21. Items added to an order after 48 hours of having the order ready for production, it is not mandatory to have these items ready to be delivered on the same date as the main order.

22. Orders of teams with baseball pants, socks, straps and caps takes 4 to 6 weeks of preparation.

23. General orders take 2 to 3 weeks of production.