OPTIME Nox Premium Batting Gloves

OPTIME Nox Premium Batting Gloves

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The OPTIME Nox Premium Batting Gloves are super comfortable with a fixed grip that gives you security when going to bat. Developed with the best quality materials to offer you greater resistance and durability.

• High quality leather.

• Thick Lycra 4 way stretch.

• Resistant wide wrist band.

• Best quality grip leather.

• Silicone OPTIME art.

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OPTIME comes from Latin, which is translated into English as BETTER, this is one of the most important things that our company focuses on being Better every day, Better as athletes, Better in quality, Better as people and so on, always looking for be better.

Our slogan "Evolution, Movement and Potency", arises from the 3 basic components of every sport, with which we feel identified by its simple and effective message which causes us to never stop.

Our mantra "Champions Attire", defines a direct explanation of what our company and our brand has become for all our clients.